The Suitcase-Suit

video, 10:00, 2019 A

In the first part of the video, a black body penetrates a white room and immediately leaves it. The image remains undisturbed except for this irritation. This sequence is then repeated in slow motion, and yet a thrown object disappears. There remains an empty space that appears uniform and sterile.

In the second part, a human body enters the room and frees itself from the everyday clothes, which also disappear from the picture. The body transforms into a black form against the white background, and the face remains unrecognized.

In the third part of the video, the body that left the room enters it again, this time with a suitcase that is slowly becoming a playful accessory due to its alienation. The black figure forces itself into the suitcase until the body is completely enclosed in it. The suitcase that makes mobility more difficult is an extension of the human body and at the same time a restriction.